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Welcome to But Why Tho? the podcast, where we talk about the parts of popular culture that people say matter and ask the question but why tho?


Kate, Adrian, and Matt answer this question with through passion, geekdom, history and even some scholarship.

Dec 2, 2020

This week we travel to the Mushroom Kingdom and dive into the history of Mario. In this episode, we talk about Mario matters to pop culture and beyond while mapping out how the Italian plumber from New York became Nintendo's official mascot, one of the most recognizable icons in the US, connect multiple generations of gamers, and even get his own theme park. Now, it has to be said that there is a lot to talk about when it comes to Mario. From the games to the manga that has alone grossed over $1 Billion, there is a lot of history and we're already set up to do a part two. So, if we don't cover your favorite thing about Mario, don't worry, we have more coming.  (Like a Luigi episode next week) We do all of that this week with the help of our show's producer, Jason - he also just really loves Mario.