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Welcome to But Why Tho? the podcast, where we talk about the parts of popular culture that people say matter and ask the question but why tho?


Kate, Adrian, and Matt answer this question with through passion, geekdom, history and even some scholarship.

Oct 31, 2017

On Halloween night in 1978 there was a killing spree in Haddonfield, Illinois. Made on a small budget and grossing millions of dollars, John Carpenter's Halloween cemented the path of slashers and gave rise to one of the most iconic villains: Michael Myers and all those to follow. To celebrate the Kate's favorite holiday, she brings the guys through the history of Halloween and why it all matters, with help from returning guest Alex Paterno (host of What We Talk About When We Talk About and assignment editor at FRIGHTDAY.COM). So let's sit back, and hope their isn't a killer behind us in a Capt. Kirk mask.

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