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Welcome to But Why Tho? the podcast, where we talk about the parts of popular culture that people say matter and ask the question but why tho?


Kate, Adrian, and Matt answer this question with through passion, geekdom, history and even some scholarship.

Aug 1, 2018

This week, we jump on the trolley and take a trip to the Neighborhood of Make Beleive as we talk about why Fred Rogers matters years after his show finished and his death. In today's world, we seem to need his kindness, advocacy, and attention to emotions more than ever. Did you watch him growing up? Find out about the man behind the show and how he truly lived the values he taught the children in the television station. Whether it was testifying before Congress or breaking down barriers, Mr. Rogers means a lot to many people, stay until the end to hear the most fan but why thos (why he matters) that we've ever received.