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Jul 9, 2019

At this year's Rooster Teeth Expo (RTX) we got the chance to sit down with Brennan Lee Mulligan and Ally Beardsley of CollegeHumor's Dimension 20. The Dungeons & Dragons campaign web-series follows the adventures of the Dimension 20 team in a world of magical realism and it had a big impact at RTX. Now in its third season, "The Unsleeping City," Dimension 20 is a wonderful and comedic world of magical realism. 

“Fantasy High,” season one, was an 80's inspired John Hughes film with wizards. There, Mulligan explained each party-member played an alter-ego of themselves.  “Bloodkeep,” Dimension 20's second season, focused on a pure evil group of characters. Now, "The Unsleeping City" retells the history of New York City and showcases the magic that Mulligan experienced as when he lived in the city. With 17-episodes, this season premieres today, July 9th. 

Mulligan serves as Dungeon Master and creator of the series, while Beardsley is a part of the adventure as Pete the Plug, in "The Unsleeping City." During the interview, Mulligan and Beardsley took a deep dive into their love of the table-top game and ultimately how fantasy works to tell human stories and how even when a scene starts with a werewolf giving a blowjob, it can end in something emotional. 

Mulligan took us down memory lane and how being ten-year-olds gave him the confidence to get into being a Dungeon Master, while Beardsley talked about their journey to falling in love with the game after coming into it with Dimensions 20's first season, "Fantasy High." Real world problems, fantastic and game shattering choices, we talk about it all. If you're the fence of starting your own campaign, give this interview a listen and see why it's time to roll the D-20. 

You can follow Mulligan on Twitter at @BrennanLM, and you can find Beardsley on their Instagram @allybeardsley. Check out Dimension 20 on CollegHumor's streaming service, Dropout.