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Pop culture matters...But why tho? 

Looking to catch up on pop culture? We're reviewing the latest movies and television, interviewing industry creatives, and of course - breaking down why all the things we love matter. But Why Tho? is a bi-weekly podcast where we'll dive into the past week in pop culture and get to discoursing on important conversations. 

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Mar 12, 2020

The Dead Lands is the Shudder Original co-production between the AMC genre streaming service and New Zealand's TVNZ. The series is an immersive fantasy grounded in Maori belief and culture. From traditional martial arts to rituals, The Dead Lands blends the horror, fantasy, and adventure genres by building this traditional hero narrative and Maori traditions. In this interview, I got the chance to sit down with showrunners Tainui Stephens and Glenn Standring and discuss the inspiration between the series and the process of translating sacred rituals and ideas to the screen.