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Pop culture matters...But why tho? 

Looking to catch up on pop culture? We're reviewing the latest movies and television, interviewing industry creatives, and of course - breaking down why all the things we love matter. But Why Tho? is a bi-weekly podcast where we'll dive into the past week in pop culture and get to discoursing on important conversations. 

Additionally, you'll be able to check out But Why Tho? Reviews, our review show where we give you a quick spoiler-free review of the latest in pop culture.

Mar 23, 2023

This week we talk about the new Little Mermaid trailer, the upcoming Creed-verse, and have a conversation about Villains. Why do people want villains to be sympathetic? Can it be done well? Why were you mad that Kang is a bad guy? Kate, Alex, and Neysha get into it in this episode. 

Mar 8, 2023

This week we are talking about the some news that caught our eyes, including Pokemon day announcements and the new stop-motion animated film by GDT to come from Netflix. And, of course, or topic of the week is a doozy: fans versus critics - the good, the bad, and the twitter of it all


Feb 22, 2023

This week, we're diving into: The new Little Mermaid Trailer, Twitch Con location announcements, and password sharing — should we do it? Does it hurt creators? Does Netflix's new restrictions hurt consumers?


Feb 8, 2023

This week we are talking about THE news that caught our eyes this week which was: DC’s film/series announcement from James Gunn. Plus, our topic this week is Reboots vs Remakes vs Revivals.


Jan 25, 2023

This week we are talking about the some news that caught our eyes including: The Mandalorian trailer and director line-up, The Legend of Vox Machina Musical Recap, and our main topic this week is trailers - the lying, the trailers for the trailers, and...