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Pop culture matters...But why tho? 

Looking to catch up on pop culture? We're reviewing the latest movies and television, interviewing industry creatives, and of course - breaking down why all the things we love matter. But Why Tho? is a bi-weekly podcast where we'll dive into the past week in pop culture and get to discoursing on important conversations. 

Additionally, you'll be able to check out But Why Tho? Reviews, our review show where we give you a quick spoiler-free review of the latest in pop culture.

Aug 23, 2023

This week, Alex, Jason, and Kate talk about time - and more importantly how we just don't have any of it anymore. With longer games coming out like Baldur's Gate 3, a stacked movie season, and more on the horizon, how does anyone find the time to play and watch, well, everything they're interested in?

Aug 18, 2023

We were honored to chat with the voices that have skillfully brought some of the most iconic characters in anime to life in the English dub. Their work and dedication to this series have significantly shaped its charm, growth, and adventurous spirit. We dive into all that in this exclusive video featuring Colleen...

Aug 15, 2023

After 9 years, HexWorks is creating Lords of the Fallen, a sequel/reboot to the 2014 title of the same name. The original was one of the earliest games that attempted to put its own spin on the action RPG genre. After nearly a decade of innovation and mainstream success, the latest genre entry is attempting to...

Aug 10, 2023

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is a cozy and epic joining of Sanrio and open-world gaming. Described as a combination of Breath of the Wild and Animal Crossing, this Apple Arcade exclusive from Sunblink is a large world. With the driving motto of "Small gift, big smile," Sanrio is a cultural touchstone, and in this game,...

Aug 9, 2023

This week, Alex, Neysha, and Kate talk about the things they love that people told them they couldn't. With Barbie smashing the box office, we discuss what to do when someone makes a piece of pop culture "not for you." Barbie isn't for Black girls, anime isn't for women; horror isn't real cinema. We talk about the lies...